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As a foreign bank, we understand that our duty towards the people of Cambodia goes beyond convenient banking services, easily accessible loans and fair interest rates for everyone.

We believe social and environmental awareness has to be part of our entire business approach, to be sustainable and to reach all of our partners, suppliers, clients, employees and their families.

Our Uniforms For a child’s smile

Highly-visible to our customers, our uniforms are a tribute to our contribution to sustaining livelihoods and safety for women and their children from backgrounds of extreme poverty, violence and disease.

The Non-Governmental Organization Pour un sourire d’enfant (PSE) trains women from severe situations in sewing and employs them at fair wages and under safe working conditions, providing three meals a day and paid annual and sick leave. The employment of the women allows their children to attend PSE school. For those who require a safe environment outside of working and school premises, PSE also provides free accommodation.

These wonderful women supply BRED Bank’s team with their uniforms. Apart from the exquisite French-Cambodian design, the creative studio Jungle & Jardin ensures the quality and the environmental sustainability of the fabric.

We at BRED Bank are proud of our partnership with PSE and Jungle & Jardin which allows us to contribute to the promotion of social and environmental sustainability in Cambodia.

PlcPour un sourire d’enfant (“For a child’s smile” in English) is a French NGO well-known in Cambodia for their numerous projects defending the rights of underprivileged women and especially children. A part of PSE’s Family Support Program, the sewing workshop, is a safe workplace for women to receive training, an above-average monthly income, food, and housing in exchange for their work. Their working conditions are adjusted to their individual capabilities.

Jungle & Jardin is a Phnom Penh-based creative studio under the supervision of the designer Anne-Char lotte Costille. As part of the global Slow Fashion Revolution, Jungle & Jardin creates timeless and high-quality garments, forgoing trends and collections and using solely fabrics and accessories produced sustainably and locally. For small production, they partner with the sewing workshop of PSE.