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Trade finance
Number of corporate customers, both local & international, has increased steadily. In addition to the confidence you have placed in us as the only European Bank in Cambodia, what are our special offers for them? 

The simple answer is “A full Service & Product Solutions option to support their needs”. Here are some examples.

Working capital and trade finance

Facilitate domestic and international trade transactions of our customers, we offer a full range of trade services as below:

•  Letters of Credit (LC)

•  Trust Receipt (TR)

•  Documentary Collection (DC)

•  Bank Guarantee (such as bid, performance, retention etc.)

•  Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC)

•  Overdraft (OD) & Revolving Short-Term Loan (RSTL)

Assets financing
It’s a financing option for the purchase of their assets such as land, plant & machinery, commercial vehicles…

We structure term loans to match with the nature of assets that customers acquired. Our competitive advantage is that we can offer this product up to 15 years..

For any account package, Bred Bank’s customers can enjoy our free-of-charge services for any Inward Funds Transfer (ITT) from around the world.

Depending on the packages, customers also benefit a reasonable fee with convenient and trust on our Overseas Fund Transfer (OTT) Worldwide..

Deposit and transaction banking
Bred Bank offers flexible packages to its customers: Current account 

- Cash management 

- Term deposit 

- Escrow account (Customers can use this account to make sure that funds are held in trust whilst two or more parties complete a transaction. Common nature for sale & purchase of property)

Other services

  • Foreign currency exchange
  • Payroll service
  • Internet banking or a more sophisticated transaction such as Syndication and Project Finance. 

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